What Did We Do To Deserve This? by Mike Lucas

What Did We Do To Deserve This?

A short story by Mike Lucas

The year was 2090 A.D. Twenty years before; human beings were defeated by an alien race from the planet kcotsevil.  Humans have not walked freely upon the earth for years. Instead, they were enslaved and even domesticated as “pets” for the amusement of the beings from the new alien order.  After the great invasion, humans were subjected to torture and misery. Entire families were separated and moved to massive detention centers all over the world never to see sunlight again.

Dave Kroch was a great man. Before the great invasion, he worked as an executive for a major restaurant chain.  He spent a lot of time with his family and loved the comfort of his home. For the ten days he sat in his small detention center cell, he thought about the life he no longer had. He could still feel the soft hand of his wife stroking his face. He could hear the laughter of his children as they carried on playing in the yard. He missed the smell of his wife’s perfume. When he had these thoughts, he often wondered if his wife and kids were still alive.

Suddenly, a Kcotselvian cell keeper prodded him with a stun beam back into the corner. As the gate opened to the small corral like cell, twenty other humans were crammed into the small holding space. The gate slammed shut as the cell keeper walked away. Too exhausted to speak, Dave pressed his back against the wall to make as much room as he could for his new cell mates. This particular group of humans had been selected and moved from a different area of the huge factory detention center.

For everyone in the cell, there was uncertainty, fear, and confusion. The group consisted of men and women mixed together in the cell. Most of the women had been traumatized from the last location of the detention center.  Many of them served as breeders for the last ten years. Often they produced an average of eight to nine children before being moved when their bodies could no longer produce or handle the process.

The breeding process for human women consisted of forced intercourse with numerous male humans. Women were kept in holding cells, fed supplements, and gave birth only to repeat the entire process again several months after the births took place.  The strongest males were kept alive to produce more desirable children. When the men developed diseases or could no longer produce, they too were relocated.

As Dave moved closer to the corner of his cell, another man in the group vomited on his feet. When this happened, Dave could not help but feel disgusted and disgraced by this. He hated the smell of vomit and feces from the cell. He looked down at the cold steel floor and wiped off the human feces and vomit with his hands as he began to weep quietly. Nobody spoke a word when this happened. They just looked at Dave as they stood in the cell with their naked bodies pressed up against each other. As they continued to watch Dave, the loud electric snap of the cell keeper’s beam zapped a human standing next to the gate.  Five more humans were herded into the cell. After he wiped away the tears from his eyes, Dave was beginning to wonder about his fate.

As the humans stood up in their confined space, feed pods would hover by occasionally. The feed pod was an overhead mechanical bucket that would slide directly above the human’s cell troughs spilling food and water on top of them. Sometimes the pods would miss and the humans had to eat from the floor or pick food off of each others bodies to eat their fill. When some of them didn’t have enough food, they would fight or collapse and die of starvation. When this happened, the cell keepers would not remove the bodies. They would be left on the floor to bloat up and decay. The aliens held no value on human life at all.

After five days, the cell keepers opened the door. One by one they prodded the humans out of the cell against their will. When the humans refused, the cell keepers would zap them and beat them into submission until they did. Dave was the last one to leave the cell. He had an idea of what was about to happen based on the screams he had heard for days beyond the big doors of the detention center.  As they were being herded in a straight line towards the doors, they observed several disturbing acts of torture along the way.

A human man was being restrained by cell keepers as they forced food into his mouth through a tube. People yelled and screamed as they witnessed this ghastly site. Annoyed by the screams the cell keepers zapped the humans into quiet submission.  As they passed another room, they had seen little hands behind small dark metal boxes. Children could be heard weeping and crying in the small solitary chambers. The humans looked on in horror as a cell keeper could be seen using a large metal club to break the legs of children one by one. They did this to prevent them from moving or running away. They were then thrown into the boxes and tied up. Dave could only wonder why children had to be treated this way. He wondered what humanity could have done to deserve such treatment. As they continued their long walk through the detention center, they noticed more bloated bodies on the ground.

One human tried to retreat and run after seeing too much. The cell keepers were quick to beat him back into submission as the others looked on helplessly. Finally they had come to the big doors. The cell keeper banged on the doors with his prod. As the doors flung open, the most wretched odor permeated the air from the pitch black room.  The cell keepers began to gather around the human line with prods charged to full capacity. The cell keepers took the first human in alone. Screams could be heard from outside the doors after the first victim entered the room. One by one the rest of them entered. Scream after scream Dave grew hopeless and fearful.

“Maybe it will be quick.” He thought.  As he sat there waiting for his turn to enter the big doors, he thought once more about his wife and family.  He thought about the last time his family was together before the invasion. It was a perfect sunny day. He thought about his wife smiling at him as he stood in his back yard cooking on the grill on the 4th of July Holiday a few days before the invasion. He thought of his kids running carefree throughout the yard laughing and giggling. It was indeed a perfect day. The cell keeper zapped Dave out of his thought with the whip of a beam. As he wept, he took a deep breath and followed the keeper into the room. The room was very dark and hot. Dave could not see what was happening in front of him. Suddenly he felt a sharp blow to the head. He fell to the ground instantly. He felt another blow to the neck. He tried to shout, but he didn’t have to energy to move.  In fact, he couldn’t move at all. His neck had been broken and he couldn’t feel any part of his body moving. After his body was broken and beaten down to the steel floor, he kept asking himself in his mind, “What did we do to deserve all of this.” Dave was lifted from the ground by the burly cell keepers. They carried him down the hall to a conveyor machine where he was placed on a metal hook. As he hovered in the air he could see other bodies hanging in mid air. Most of the people were dead, but a few looked like they might be alive like Dave was. He could not be entirely sure.

He did see one man who was still able to move his arms and legs a bit. The man screamed for help, but the screams fell upon deaf ears and those that could not move to help him. Suddenly the conveyer came to a stop. Dave’s body was positioned so that he was able to see in front of him. Ironically, the body of the screaming man was in front of Dave. Directly beneath the man, was a hot boiling tank of scolding water. The steam could be seen rising from the tank. The man’s screams started to amplify even more as he felt the steam beneath his feet. A loud mechanical hum started to fill the air and the water started to boil louder.

Suddenly with a loud click the conveyor holding the man across from Dave started lowering the man into the large tank of water. His body was kicking and screaming as he was lowered. His skin began to hang and sag from his body as the hook made continuous dunks into the water. The screams had suddenly stopped. The conveyors paused and lifted to the original position. The man’s body was no longer recognizable as a human being. Dave continued to look on in horror unable to muster the energy to scream. The cell keepers motioned to other aliens to come over. They carried long carving knives in their hands. They cut the skin from the melted human body and placed the pieces in large metal containers that sat next to the boiling tanks.

Dave was mortified and tired. He heard the loud hum of the machine again as his body began to lower down above the tank. He kept watching the poor man’s body across from him being torn to pieces as his own body continued to descend into the tank. He had one final thought, “What did we do to deserve this? What is to become of my body after this? What was the meaning of my life?”


Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the story. I wanted to write this for you for a reason. The purpose behind my story was transport you into the minds of many of the animals that become food. I wanted you to experience what they might be thinking of just before the prod sparks and the club falls on them. Most of what you read above happens in slaughterhouses everyday. I am not asking anyone to change their eating lifestyle. People are often set in their ways and choose not to change. That is just fine. I just wanted to you to think and reflect. Either way, I hope that you enjoyed my dark science fiction story! Thanks for reading!

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A time to fight….(Why we have to fight back sometimes) by Mike

When I was an 11 year old kid, I had a bully that used to bother me. It wasn’t just me, he was like that with several of the kids in our neighborhood. None of us really talked about it with each other, but it was obvious. It wasn’t cool to get punked around all the time and none of us really wanted re-live it or say anything about it. It was horrible lving in fear. Then something changed.

My older brother watched me be bullied one day. Several of us were sitting around in the bully’s garage hanging out. (I never give the real name when I write these blogs) We were having a water baloon fight with some friends and I tagged him with a good one right on the head. He didn’t like that very much, so he walked up to me and said, “Now I get to sock you for that.” He hauled off and punched me (very hard) in the arm. Needless to say, that upset me. I picked up my bike and quietly went home. The last thing I wanted was a fight.  Little did I know, my brother had been watching the whole time from across the street.

After seeing this, he walked right up to me before I went into my house and gave me the biggest ass chewing I’ve ever received. Seriously, he lit into me for allowing this kid to get the best of me. He wasn’t buying into any of my excuses. You know the excuses I’m talking about…”He’s bigger than me!” “He was just kidding around!” “It doesn’t happen often.” So what did my brother do when he knew he wasn’t reaching me? Did he go over there and kick the bully’s ass for me? Did he do the Lone Ranger thing and help his little brother out? Nope. Well….Kind of. Ever heard of strength in numbers?

He went into the house and told my Dad what happened. I was still standing outside when I heard, “HE LET HIM DO WHAT?” Oooooooohhhhhh shit. This was one of those moments when the earth was going to shake, crack open, and spit flames from the ground up. My Dad didn’t believe anyone should be a victim to anything. (He’s a union guy remember?) He stormed outside and gave me a “spirited pep talk.” (That’s code for ass chewing) He explained to me why I couldn’t let this kid get the best of me anymore and told me how this would never end if I allow myself to be bullied. He told me this would happen in every aspect of my life if I don’t do something about it RIGHT NOW!

In short, he told me to be a man and face my adversity. When I told him I was scared, he leaned over and grabbed me by the shirt. I’ll never forget what he said…. ” Courage is facing your problems even when you’re scared.” He said, “Go back over there across the street and get your diginty back before it’s too late.” So I picked up my bike and quietly went back into the mouth of madness. (The bully’s house) 

I got off the bike and walked up to his door. Our other friends had left already so it was just me and him. He answered and said, “What’s up Mike?” I told him in these exact words, “We have to fight. You have to come outside. I can’t allow you to pick on me anymore.” He thought I was kidding. I looked right at him with tears welling in my eyes, (I was there and yes I was scared because I knew what I was getting into) and said, “I’m serious man.”

He put down is soda and walked out into his front yard with me. I got the first shot in by jabbing him in the stomach a few times. In one swift blow, he hit me right on the eye with a hard right. It knocked me down on the ground. I stared at the blue sky for a moment before I noticed him standing over me for a minute. I was hurt, but I was ready to get back up to take more.  To my surprise, he leaned over and grabbed my hand to help me up off the ground. He just stared at me for a long moment and said, “We can’t do this man. Come on.” Bothered by what happened, he walked slowly into his house and shut the door.

With my eye swollen shut, I picked up my bike and went back home. With quiet diginity I walked right by my Dad and brother and went straight to my room. My Dad opened my door and sat down next to me on my bed. He said, “Son, you took an ass kicking today. You may not have won, but you stood your ground and you fought back. Things are going to change for you after this. Trust me.” He gave me a pat on the back and left me alone in my room to lick my wounds.

Fortunately, this happened to me during the summer when I was out of school on break. I didn’t go out for a few days. I didn’t want anyone to see my black eye and I didn’t want anyone to know that the bully and I had fought. I wanted to stay under the radar until the eye healed over. A few weeks went by when I got a knock at the door. I opened it up and to my surprise it was the bully himself. I thought, “Uh oh. I hope he doesn’t want a rematch!” (Thoughts of Rocky and Apollo came to mind)

He asked me how I was doing? I told him I was still sore. He said, “Yeah you gave me a few good bruises to the stomach too.” He actually apologized for my black eye. After we exchanged a few more words, he asked me if I could come outside to play. Never one to hold a grudge, I joined him outside for a game of catch with a football. After that incident, we became really good friends. He never bullied me again and in fact, he ended up being a surrogate big brother to me after both of my older brothers moved out of our house. It was a happy ending because I stood up for myself even when I knew it would be tough to do it.  My adversary respected me for that. We never had any problems at all after that! If you have children and they are dealing with bullies in school, please share this story with them. Let them know that there is hope. It may just save their life and ease some serious serious suffering.

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“HOW I SURVIVED THE RECESSION AND FOUND A JOB” Great tips for the unemployed – By Mike Lucas

Mike Lucas

Last month I found a job after being unemployed for almost two years. During that time, I had sent out 800+ resumes. Each day I would spend 8 hours sending out cover letters and resumes to everyone and anyone that was hiring at the time. Believe it or not, I received only 25 responses. (Mostly rejections via e-mail) That was before I changed things up.

Even though I was feeling discouraged, I knew I had to keep pressing forward. Something had to give and I felt like I needed to do something different to shake up my job search methods. Here are the steps I took to find the job I have now.

1. I took a drive down to my local one-stop career center here in San Diego and took a career assessment test so I could discover my strengths and weaknesses. Doing this really helped me narrow down the number of fields I might qualify for based on my skill set.

2. I went home and logged on to all of my job search engine accounts to modify my job search parameters. I wanted to search for positions that matched my skill set. I also searched for jobs that were within 20 miles of my home. (If you have to take a pay cut, you can save money on gas and vehicle maintenance by finding a job closer to home where you might have a public transportation option)

3. I updated my cover letter template and resume. I looked at past job skills and tasks on my resume that needed to be added or deleted so my resume would fit the positions I was applying for.

4. I practiced my interview skills. Have a friend, former boss, or business professional interview you.  Don’t let them go easy on you! There are lots of templates you can find online that list the questions most commonly asked by potential employers. You have to be prepared. Make sure to study the company websites to learn about them so you can answer company related questions. I guarantee you they will ask you, “What do you know about our company?” If you can’t answer, you’re dead in the water.

5. I changed my presentation style. This is important. I wanted to appear likeable and sharp to potential employers. How did I accomplish this? I watched tons of President Obama’s interview clips on Youtube.   Whether you agree with his politics or not, he is great with words and style.  I studied his behavior, his active listening skills, and how he pauses to think before speaking.  I even studied how he smiles.  Think of the great speakers you admire and watch how they conduct themselves in interviews. This really does help!  After that, I practiced my interview skills in front of a mirror. (I printed a copy of basic interview questions and answered them while observing my appearance and mannerisms) I felt pretty good about what I was seeing. I would highly recommend doing this.

6. Persistence – Remember, there are millions of people out of work. Millions are looking for jobs just like you are. Competition can be very scary in a situation like this. One might ask, “How the hell am I (one person) supposed to compete with an average of 6 people for every open job position?” The answer is simple. FIND A WAY TO STAND OUT AMONG THE MANY! Here’s what I did to stand out….

The first thing I did was send a resume to the company I was applying for online through the job search engine. I also sent a cover letter with a caption reading “Dynamite top performer seeking employment with your company” or “Perfect candidate for your inside sales position.”

Next, I went to the same company’s website to fill out an online application. (If there was an option to send a resume, I would SEND IT AGAIN) After that I would put on my best suit and drive to the location of the company to submit another resume AGAIN. I would also ask to fill out an application AGAIN. Even though it is time consuming to do this, it is well worth it. Trust me! 

When you drop in unexpectedly, never expect an interview the same day. HR people and Department heads are usually very busy, but at least your face has been seen by the front desk person and an assistant supervisor. The goal is to be noticed, not interviewed the same day. Don’t forget to dress sharp and smile! First impressions are important and the person in charge of hiring will usually ask the gatekeeper, “What did you think of the candidate? Was the person nice? Did they have a good appearance?” I put my game face on as soon as I walked into the front door of each office I visited.

After visiting a business and getting a feel for the place, I would head home and search the online company directory to look for the names of supervisors or HR people in charge of hiring. After finding the contact information, I would wait it out for three days and follow it up with a phone call and e-mail to the HR person or department head asking them for an update on the status of my application.

So, let’s recap – That’s 1 cover letter (Or two if the company’s online application page accepts cover letters), 3 resumes, 2 applications (One in office and one online), and 1 follow up call and e-mail. The average person will submit one resume and wait it out. You’ve submitted three with two applications, a cover letter, and a phone call/e-mail! GUESS WHO’S STANDING OUT AMONG THE MANY!

When I changed my style up in the last few months before I found my job, I had 8 interviews with 5 job offers using this method. I still get at least one call a week from potential employers regarding the resumes I submitted this way. If you do it and you are persistent, I assure you it will pay off. After all of that hard work, my employer called me for an interview. I took my portfolio with me and gave it my best shot. When I sat down to interview for the inside sales position I am working in now, the sales manager asked me…

“Mike, do you know why you’re here interviewing with me today? You’re here because you’re a professional, diligent, and persistent person. You sent me information, you followed up with a phone call, and you projected a professional polished appearance. That’s exactly what I’m looking for in a sales rep for our company. If you can start next week, I’ll have my HR lady start the background check right away.”

At that moment, I knew my change ups had worked. If you do this….If you use the information I’ve given you…I promise you will get results. If you do get an interview using my methods, give it your best shot and be sure to follow up with a thank you e-mail. The only thing I ask is that you send me an e-mail too to let me know you’ve gotten the job using these methods. If you are among the unemployed or know someone who is unemployed, please share this with them. It does work. Good luck!

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I may not have a college education, but I could still run for office.

A few years ago I was attending a house party with some friends. The music was on, the mood was good, and people were laughing and having a great time. I love a great party where people are happy! I took a seat at the kitchen counter to indulge in some conversation with my friends and an acquaintance of mine began to speak. We’ll call her Sally. I always change the names to protect the innoncent. She said, “I don’t think anyone without a college degree should be allowed to run for office in this country. I think a person should have a good well-rounded education in order to serve in government. Plain and simple.” Some in the group nodded in agreement.

She continued, “I just think college educated people are better at making tough decisions.” As a person who doesn’t have a college degree, I was offended by her comments. I decided to speak up for smart people without college degrees. I said, “Sally, let me ask you something. You went to school right?” “Yes. I just finished grad school.” She said.  I continued, “That’s awesome! Congrats! That must have been super tough.” “Yes it was very tough.” She replied.

I continued, “I never finished college. I have a high school education and about 60 units under my belt. Not exactly anything to brag about. But, let me ask you something. Do you think you’re more qualified to run for office than I am simply because you earned a degree and went to grad school? Be totally honest with me.” “I do. Not to sound mean or snobbish, but I’ve proven that I could pass courses and earn a well-rounded education in a respected university. I think that qualifies me.” She replied.

I asked her if she would be willing to take a small test of mine to prove her point. At the urging of her friends, she agreed to give my test a shot. I flicked a dime at her and asked her to name the President on the dime. After staring at the dime for a few moments she said, “Harry Truman?” I explained to her that the President on the dime was FDR. I also explained to her that he was also the founder of the March of Dimes program. She wasn’t aware of that.

I asked her, “Who holds the record for the longest filibuster in the history of The United States Senate? Now keep in mind, a filibuster is a legislative speech making maneuver to obstruct the passing of a bill. It’s not the name of a fountain drink at 711. (Sorry but I had to throw that in there to have some fun with her in a jokingly way). Who holds the record and what was the Senator arguing against?”

She stood there for a full minute totally silent, facing down, and unable to answer the question. I answered it for her. “The record holder for the longest filibuster in the history of The United States Senate is Strom Thurmond. He argued for twenty-four hours and eighteen minutes against the passage of a Civil Rights bill.”

I continued, “You went to grad school and have two degrees. I have a high school diploma and a boat load of passion for politics and history. Based on this test, who do you think is more capable of running for public office and doing a better job, you or me?” She stood in silence glaring at me. She was very upset. I was having a Goodwill Hunting moment as the group looked on awkwardly; I decided to share a few more important facts with her.

I said, “Did you know Abraham Lincoln barely had any formal education? He learned how to write and speak with great skill by reading borrowed books. Did you know Harry Truman didn’t have a college degree either? Bill Gates was another person that dropped out of college. I don’t mean to be so harsh with my test, but I want you to know something. Not everyone has a desire to go to college. That doesn’t mean people like us aren’t capable doing a good work, making tough decisions, or achieving great things. Gates is the richest man in the world because of his passion for computers. Lincoln prevented the break up of our nation and ended slavery. Truman made one of the most difficult decisions in the history of the world when he used the atomic bomb to end a war. Not one of these people had a degree. They just knew how to lead, read, and think for themselves. Cut us some slack and stop underestimating people like us.”

Later that night after cooling down, she approached me to apologize for her comments. I graciously accepted her apology and asked her to think twice next time about making such comments. I also asked her (jokingly of course) if I could have my dime back. She smiled and flicked it back to me. She said, “This is for the education you’ve given me tonight.”

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about my views on education. I think college is great and I’m always happy for anyone that earns a degree. In this day and age education is paramount. I may not have a degree, but I’ve had a deep passion for politics and history since I was a small child. I read, think, and breathe politics.  I learned about politics and history from the smartest person I know, my father. He’s a concrete mixer truck driver who taught me all that I know about politics and good morals. He doesn’t have a degree either, but damn he knows his stuff and he taught me well! I like anyone else, should have the right to run for office if I want to regardless of whether I have a degree or not. If the framers didn’t want people without formal education to run for office, I’m pretty sure they would have made that part of The US Constitution’s requirements for office holders. Thankfully, they didn’t.

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You can make a difference. Do something about it today!

I recently did some Christmas shopping at a mall here in San Diego. It’s a pretty nice shopping center called Fashion Valley Mall. It was filled with tons of people. By the size of the crowd, one would never guess we were in the middle of a recession.

People were walking by joyfully with MAC computers, Bloomingdale bags, and lots of other goodies. I took a stroll through some of the stores to check out some deals. As I stood there, I was amazed to see a crowd of people yanking jeans off a table like they were going out of style. Wow! They were $170 a pair! Most of these folks didn’t even look at the tags. They picked them up, held them against themselves to check the fit on them, and then headed towards the next table.

I continued to look at clothes. $400 dollar jackets….$80 dollar shirts…..$250 shoes…THESE WERE THE SALES PRICES! My next thought was “Jesus, I need to get out of the place I can’t even afford to breathe the oxygen in this store.” As I ran for the doors, I looked back one more time and saw line upon line of happy shoppers buying it all up.

As I walked back out to the parking lot to leave, I strolled past the valet parking area to get to the parking garage. I noticed some really cool cars. A brand new BMW right off the lot, a Maserati, and even an Aston Martin. They were parked neatly at the very front of the mall. The valet was full of these cars…It looked like the ultimate Matchbox collection! I thought to myself, “Wow! No evidence of hard economic times at this place!” I finally reached the car in the parking lot and put it into drive. As I was heading out, I had to wait in a long line in the parking lot area.

I noticed a man standing on the corner. He was holding a sign that read “I’m so broke and hungry it hurts.” You can tell a real person in need from a fake. This guy didn’t strike me as a drug addict. He didn’t strike me as a con artist. You could tell this man was the real deal and that his body was worn from the cold and many miles of wandering he’s done. Ahead of me in this line was a Mercedes….a Lexus…..an Escalade….and a few other very high end SUV’s stuffed with presents. Each and every single vehicle that drove by did so without a single driver or passenger acknowledging his existence as a human. Car after car they drove right by.

When it came to my turn to make my right at the light on the corner he was standing on, I stopped. I rolled down the window and pulled out everything I had in my wallet and handed it to him. He looked pretty shocked and said. “Thank you sir. God bless you for this.” Those words meant more to me than any $170 dollar pair of jeans could. It meant more to me than being able to park in the front of a high end mall. As I drove away I looked back in my rear view mirror…The cars…continued to pass him without acknowledging his existence. In the car, as much as it pains me to write this, I began to cry. Tears literally rolled down my face. I live in the wealthiest nation on the planet and it is the time of giving. Well, nobody was giving that day I guess. It hit me really hard watching that and I felt compelled to share that with you.

My hope, is that you will read this blog today and do some thinking. My hope is that it will inspire you to become the person that stops and rolls down the window to help another soul. What if that person on the corner was a friend or family member of yours? What if you lost everything in this bad economy and that person was you? I challenge you to do something good this Christmas. You don’t have to have a lot of money to do something good. It can be a gesture. Invite a soldier away from home to your house for Christmas dinner. Find some food in your kitchen cabinets to drop off at food drive site. Hit a toy store and help a child smile this Christmas. Drop by a hospital and dress up as a clown to make kids in a sick ward smile. There are a lot of people in need out there. Do something about it!

I will close with a line from one of my favorite movies…(Gladiator) “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” – Maximus   Do something today and set an example for the youth of tomorrow!

Today, I plan on driving to a Toys for Tot’s site so I can put some action figures and other cool toys in for the kids in need. I will also donate to the Polinksy center for kids. I plan on dropping off some canned goods at a donation site and making a monetary donation online. I plan on dropping green in any red bucket I see where a bell ringer stands. I challenge you to do the same. If you do, you’ll sleep as good as I will tonight knowing you made a difference.

“One raindrop may not grow a tree, but thousands of raindrops will grow a forest. The deeds of the many can make a big difference.” – Mike Lucas

For my local followers – To make a donation to the Children’s Polinski Center

call (858) 514-4600. To make your donation to Toys for Tot’s visit http://www.toysfortots.org/

To make a donation to the San Diego Food Bank visit http://www.sandiegofoodbank.org/

To make a donation to the Salvation Army visit


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